Titanic- The Legend Goes On
Titanic: The Legend Goes On
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Based on Titanic by James Cameron
Disney counterpart Cinderella and 101 Dalmatians
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Plot Summary

Disney Formula
Hero/Heroine Rose Angelica
Main Character Goal To find her long-lost mother... maybe even on the same boat that she's on right now!
Deceased Parent(s) Angelica's father
Love Interest Jack William
Sidekick(s) The Rapping Dog, the racist mice
Parent or Mentor
Villain Gertrude and Corynthia Meanstreak
Villain's Sidekick Kirk and Dirk
Journey Begins
Meet Cute Angelica meets William in the hall
Harrowing Scene
Romantic Moment Angelica dances with William on the deck. This is the second time they've ever seen each other.
Preclimax 14th of April 1912 was notrorious for Icebergs in the Cape Race which separated from the Greenland ice sheet and forming Ice Fields in the Labrador Current. Lookout Frederick Fleet warns 1st Officer Murdoch and 6th Officer Moody of the Iceberg at Twenty Minutes to Midnight.
Climax Angelica and William try to escape the ship after the iceberg hits. They succeed. William almost dies, but he's okay in the end.
Happy Ending The evil stepsisters marry Kirk and Dirk. Angelica marries William. The two dalmatians get married. Everyone gets married. And they all lived happily ever after. One of Angelica and Williams fellow suvivors Daniel Berkley married Mary Smith after she lost her husband on Tiranic.
Opening Number
"I Want" Song
Sidekick Song "Party Time"
Villain Song
Romance Song "Holding Me"
Award Bait Song

The world knows the historical story of the most famous and tragic maritime disaster of the 20th Century and the RMS Titanic has been immortalized into Screenplays since 1912 starring Titanic survivor Dorothy Gibson the Actress of the Silent Movie Era, A Night To Remember written by Walter Lord in 1955 which was turned into a film by William MacQuitty in 1958. The RMS Titanic was built in Northern Ireland by the Harland and Wolff ship building company in Belfast in 1909 by Thomas Andrews for the White Star Line which was in direct competition with the Cunard Line. Joseph Bruce Ismay who was the Chairman of the company commissioned Andrews to build three Olympic Class type Ocean liners; the first to be built was RMS Olympic, also built in Belfast. The Maiden Voyage began at Southampton in England on the 10th of April 1912, stopping at Cherbourg in France and Queenstown (Now Cobh) in Ireland then set off across the North Atlantic ocean to New York city in America. In three days time 1502 people including passengers and crew members will meet their fates.

Titanic- The Animated Movie - It's PARTY TIME

Titanic- The Animated Movie - It's PARTY TIME