The Happy Cricket
The Happy Cricket
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Based on Sharp Electronics commercials from the 1980s
Disney counterpart Pinocchio
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In the year 2001, after twenty years of development, and thirty years in production, the world finally beheld the masterpiece known as... The Happy Cricket. A movie nobody has ever heard of, and those who have heard of it hope to never hear of it again.

So, get this: in the 1980s, Sharp Electronics had this character they used for marketing, called Christopher the Happy Cricket. One day, some schmuck got the bright idea to use the character for a great big Disneyesque cinematic adaptation. It took forever to make, and by the time it came out, nobody gave a shit. And so here we are, talking about it. Now, the one of you who is familiar with this movie might question what it's doing on the Disney Rip-Off Wiki. There's an easy answer for that: you know how it's about a cricket that's in love with a really bright star? Where exactly have you heard that before? There you go. It counts as a rip-off.

Plot Summary

Disney Formula
Hero/Heroine Jiminy Cricket Christopher the Happy Cricket
Main Character Goal To put the night star back in her place
Deceased Parent(s)
Love Interest The Blue Fairy Linda the Night Star
Sidekick(s) Leonardo, Barnaby, Cartibella, Isabella, Snealy
Parent or Mentor Magic Toucan
Villain Wartlord
Villain's Sidekick Buffuno
Catalyst The night star falls out of the sky
Journey Begins Christopher has to put the night star back in the sky, and also Wartlord wants Christopher's guitar for some reason
Meet Cute Linda is Christopher's muse from the beginning
Harrowing Scene The Hawthorns attack! Oh no! But then Christopher plays his guitar, and that drives them away. Makes perfect sense.
Romantic Moment When Christopher finds the night star
Preclimax Wartlord gets the night star and Christopher's guitar
Climax Wartlord versus Christopher. Christopher plays his guitar, Linda glows really bright, and Wartlord falls off his castle. And dies. They just killed a guy. But look, the girls are here with Leonardo's balloon to save everyone else whose names we know from the fire, so everything's okay.
Happy Ending Linda magically brings everything back
Opening Number
"I Want" Song
Sidekick Song
Villain Song "Majesty Rap"
Romance Song
Award Bait Song "Night Star"