Behold, the worst Award Bait Song ever written. Never before has an award bait song failed this badly. The tune is pretty good, but it's tone is completely shattered by the shitty lyrics. Those words do not belong in what is supposed to be a love duet. It sounds like something a Christian soft rock group would write while half asleep. Just replace every instance of "Linda" with "Jesus", and you've got a Christian song perfect for Sunday school. How is anyone older than four expected to take this shit seriously?


Sweet Linda come
Give your light to me
Help me defeat
All the scary things

Sweet Linda come
And bring the good
Inspire of me
Linda come
Give me your heart
And your words

I hear your voice
How it sings to me

(You inspire me)

It shows your heart
How it sounds so sweet

So I'll help you
Then I'll return

(Beautiful Linda)

To light the sky
Way up high

Filled with love
Together we
We can win
With our love

And then Linda is an inanimate rock for the entire rest of the movie.

Also, do you realize that a cricket just sang a love song to a piece of iron?