Sometimes when a studio tries to copy the Disney formula, they do so using a story Disney hasn't already gotten to yet. Then, even less commonly, Disney themselves might decide to do their own take.

The Frog Prince

Those of you well-versed in "non-Disney" movies might be familiar with Jean-Bob of The Swan Princess fame. And, apparently someone at Disney saw The Swan Princess, and had an idea to get back at Crest Animation by making their own version. Not of Swan Lake of course, but of that other story that Jean-Bob is a reference to. And while they were at it, they decided to also copy Jean-Bob's personality and Odette's transformation sequence. It's only fair, after all. If Crest Animation gets to steal from Disney, then Disney gets to steal from Crest Animation.


A legit Disney Thumbelina appears on the Disney Junior series Goldie & Bear as a supporting character, just to drive home how Thumbelina is overly light and soft even by Disney standards. ...Either that or, considering that the rest of the cast consists mainly of characters from stories too short and simple for a full film adaptation, Disney just legitimately couldn't come up with anything better to do with the character.