Movie Poster

Most of Disney's posters in the '90s had a particular artistic look to them, some using just silhouettes and shadows to just give an idea of what the movie is going to be like

Fast Food Promotion

Every Disney movie in the '90s needed a fast food promotion, regardless of whether or not they would translate well; the more subdued ones usually just got little dolls and figurines that didn't do anything


Box-shaped plastic around a figure that probably isn't going to sell – that's how Disney merchandised their movies in the '90s, even if the movie didn't have a lot going on


There's always a doll to promote the movie, and while the exact design of the packaging tends to jump around a lot, it usually has a logo at the bottom, and some of the later ones have more stylized packaging

Tiger Handheld

Every Disney movie in the '90s got a tie-in Tiger handheld, but the one area where Anastasia differs from Disney is that its Tiger handheld doesn't use the same uniform design as the majority of Disney's

VHS Cover

It's kind of difficult to pin down exactly what makes Disney's style of VHS cover in the '90s different from everyone else's. It just sort of has that look to it, you know?

Golden Book

Every Disney movie gets a Little Golden Book, even today, so it's only natural that Anastasia should get one too

Ice Show

Disney started doing ice shows, so Fox got an ice show for Anastasia to cash in

Spin-Off Starring the Villain's Sidekick

In 1994, Disney released a direct-to-video sequel to Aladdin starring Iago, called Return of Jafar. In 1999, Fox cashed in on Anastasia's success with the direct-to-video Bartok the Magnificent, a spin-off starring Bartok. And come to think of it, didn't Disney later release a direct-to-video movie with Kronk from The Emperor's New Groove as the main character? This just seems to happen when the villain's main minion gets popular.

Special DVD Cover

At some point, Disney decided to start giving its popular films alternate slip-on covers with special artwork. Fox decided to cash in by doing the same thing with Anastasia, Thumbelina, and FernGully.


Disney does Broadway shows. Anastasia is getting one, too.